Oklahoma Chapter Planning Awards

Chapter awards are presented to recognize outstanding planning work performed in Oklahoma. Winners were presented with the following awards during the Plan It Forward APA Oklahoma Chapter Conference in Enid, OK - March 2023. Click this link to view the presentation slides.

Outstanding Plan: preserveokc - City of Oklahoma City

Prepared entirely in house by City of Oklahoma City Planning Department staff, preserveokc is Oklahoma City’s first historic preservation plan. It emphasizes the important role that the revitalization, rehabilitation, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings and districts have in the growth and development of Oklahoma City. Preserveokc’s approach to historic preservation as an integral component of the planning field, rather than an isolated set of tools to regulated specific buildings, advances the work of planning toward a comprehensive understanding of the social, cultural, economic, and environmental impact that the existing built environment has on our community.

Outstanding Citizen Planner: Vicki Proctor, El Reno

Vicki Proctor has been an advocate for El Reno for decades and has served on the Planning Commission since 2004. Vicki is an oral historian, always ready to hear, share, and promote the story of El Reno, Oklahoma. The long time President of the Canadian County Historical Museum has worked diligently to save and preserve El Reno’s history. “Vicki’s selfless perseverance is unwavering, and has made a permanent impact on the community she loves, and has inspired passion and volunteerism in countless others. She is a model of the care, positivity, and intention needed to review individual items, and constantly envisions the best of all opportunities, and the best version of El Reno for all.” – nomination application from the City of El Reno

Outstanding Student Project: Luke Kerr, “Who are We Planning With: Dementia-Friendly Planning in Oklahoma City”

“Who are We Planning With: Dementia-Friendly Planning in Oklahoma City” is an Honors College Thesis completed at the University of Oklahoma / Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture.

Through performing an extensive literature review and conducting semi-structured interviews, Luke Kerr examines how urban planners, accessibility professionals, and care partners in the Oklahoma City metro area define accessibility, understand accessibility planning practices, and suggest measures to be taken to  improve conditions for aging individuals, especially those living with dementia. Using the limited existing research on dementia-friendly planning and design,  the project calls for better collaboration and education between care partners and those within the  field of planning.