Planning Commissions and Boards

National APA is committed to helping planning commissioners and board members learn the techniques needed to make better communities.  There are a variety of resources including training opportunities, The Commissioner – a newsletter for Commissioners, and books.

Planning Commissioner Guide

For new Commissioners and those wanting a refresher, APA recommends The Planning Commissioner Guide. The book covers the basics of preparing for commission meeting, reviewing a development plan, gathering public input, and steering clear of ethical dilemmas. There's even a glossary of planning terms!

OKAPA also developed a helpful Planning Commissioner Guide!

"The Commissioner"

Ever wonder if you are an effective and informed planning commissioner? The Commissioner provides planning board members, planning commissioners, and other appointed and elected officials with practical features to enhance your experience.

Planning Commissioner's Journal

The Planning Commissioners Journal is the nation's principal publication designed for citizen planners, including members of local planning commissions and zoning boards. Over 7,500 citizen planners in all 50 states receive the PCJ.

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