Strategic Plan

The Oklahoma Chapter's current Strategic Plan was adopted on April 8, 2021.

The Plan contains 6 key focus  areas which establish the structure of the Plan. They are used to organize goals and strategies into categories that reflect the topics outlined in the 2020 Member Survey.

Key Focus Areas:

1. Plan Implementation = Committees and subcommittees will implement this Plan's strategies by shaping programs, activities, and communications to advance key focus areas. They will develop metrics to measure progress and report regularly to the Board of Directors.

2. Professional Development

3. Communications

4. Advocacy and Legislative

5. Education and Outreach

6. Membership - A goal is stated for each key focus area. The goals provide direction for tasks and programs assigned to various committees or individuals and ensure all activities are tied to the Chapter's priorities.

Click here for the 2021 Strategic Plan.

The Oklahoma Chapter's previous Strategic Plan was adopted in 2012. It was a four year plan with goals in four main areas:

  • Board Governance
  • Membership
  • Planning Education
  • Partnerships & Relationships

Strategic Plan Key Focus Areas

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